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  • November 4th, 2019
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The best limo rental service and party bus rental in Miami took a trip up north this October to attend Boston’s 2019 Chauffeur Driven Show, fall’s premier event in the bus and luxury ground transportation industry. The industry’s finest were gathered under one roof, sharing the freshest ideas in transportation products and limo rental services, the newest and most stylish vehicles and the latest innovations in technology during one of the largest luxury transportation events of the year.

We kicked off the week at the opening night reception party, where we saw some familiar faces and formed some exciting new relationships, enjoying great appetizers and even better conversation. As they say, some of the best networking takes place after hours.


New Friends and New Ideas in Limo Rental Service

In addition to sharing in the comradery and checking out the shiny new toys on the showroom floor, we were excited to take part in the operator mentoring program hosted by industry leaders to spark new ideas and join in discussions for a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Our seasoned hosts shared their insights and knowledge of the industry, drawing on their years of experience to bring everyone up to speed on best practices and pitfalls to consider when conducting limo rental and other luxury transportation services.

These roundtables help us gather ideas from our friends in the industry to improve our limo rental services and the overall experiences we’re proud to offer our guests. It’s a safe space where we can talk about what’s working in our services and brainstorm particular challenges the industry may be facing in a constructive learning environment. Without this peer collaboration, the wheel is constantly being reinvented and guest experience isn’t nearly as optimized as it could be.

From Sunday to Wednesday, attendees were offered a variety of workshops and seminars to learn what it means to be the best in limo rental service. Some seminars targeted critical topics like resolving workplace conflict, while others discussed the state of the industry and the latest in transportation technologies. Regardless of the topic, each session was geared toward arming us with the information needed to provide the best in limo rental and airport car services to our guests and continuously improve guest experience.

Put Our Learning to the Test – Call for a Quote Today

Selecting the right party bus or limo rental service for your special event can make or break the experience, and you want to choose the limo service company who’s on top of the latest industry developments to ensure you’re getting the best of the best.

We love these seminars and learning experiences because you don’t get to be the best limo service in Miami without continuously seeking improvement. To bring our guests the best in party bus and limo rental service, we’re constantly researching the next best thing, while perfecting the services we currently offer.

Interested to see just how we do it? Click or call us at  today for a quote on our limo rental service to make your next event one to remember.


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